Basement Office Makeover

I’m currently feeling totally bogged down in my attic makeover, which is of course taking much longer than planned. My uncle has a formula–however long you think a project will take to complete, double the number and increase the unit by one. So if I thought this project would take 4 days, it will actually take 8 weeks. Now, I don’t think it’s going to stretch that long, but we are definitely already in weeks territory, and it is demoralizing. I like instant gratification, and usually I can paint a room in a day, no problem. The attic has tricky corners, and wood paneling that I’m using semi-gloss on instead of the eggshell on the drywall… And smoothing the two end walls to prep for wallpaper is a beast. Luckily at least the attic is the attic and I can live with the mess hidden away up there and allow myself a little time to get it done right.

So let’s look at a successful past makeover. This one I did a year ago when Barry was out of town for the week. It’s his basement office/music room. I married a lovely man, but he is not neat.


Lots to do here. First, clean it out. Second, paint everything. Third, build and install window casings. I also had to patch a ceiling hole above the washing machine and remount the light. The window casings required a mitre saw, so I got one. The tricky part was that I left my wallet in the car that Barry took to the airport, so I cashed in some old savings bonds and paid cash at Sears for my new toy!


And after! (I am not great at these pano shots, but it’s a small room and hard to get it all otherwise!)

We’ve since gotten some Ikea rugs to cover the cement floor, and he’s rearranged everything, but it’s so much nicer than it used to be! And it kicked off my power saw obsession. In 2017, I got a mitre saw, a jigsaw and a table saw. I think that might do me for a while…

Now I need to figure out how to fix my Dremel Multi Max sander so I can finish the damn attic project! Sanding large expanses of wall by hand is terrible.

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