Bathroom Mini-makeover

I live for house makeovers. I dream of being a flipper myself someday, but in the meantime, I am decorating every square inch of our house. My husband Barry travels for work a lot, and if he’s gone for 4 or 5 days, I like to surprise him with a little transformation. Also it’s just easier to manage the chaos if it’s just me and the kid, who is at school most of the day now.

Barry went on a long trip to San Francisco recently, and when he came back, our upstairs bathroom had gotten a facelift. I really want to replace the vanity and redo the tile floor, but I’ve learned the hard way that I need to slow my roll sometimes. Painting (walls, trim radiator, closet interior), moving some art around, hanging a planter and replacing the shower curtain was the perfect little project for the week.


It wasn’t horrible, but it was pretty blah. I needed to work with that pinkish granite vanity top (for now) so I decided to go with a sophisticated pink on the walls. The toughest part was actually choosing the shower curtain. I had initially bought a Kate Spade one at HomeGoods that was greige with white polka dots. Very cute, but it ended up feeling too grey. The tub is off white, the trim, vanity and medicine cabinet are white, the tiles are tannish… It was too many colors too close together and it did not work. I almost bought a linen one on clearance at Target but realized I might run into the same issue. I think the reason I ultimately decided to go with the black and white polka dot is because I have had a crush on this bathroom for many years:






(Photo from Lonny)



I adore the end result. And so does Barry. I feel like I had lost sight of how meh the bathroom was and now it has a great personality!


I also worked on the tiny little closet behind the door.

Before & After

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