Sometimes, I bake cakes

Once upon a time, I had my deposit in to the French Culinary Institute’s baking program. I was unhappy in my job, as befits a person a few years out of college, and I thought maybe I should do something more creative. If I could have graduated and gone straight to the start-an-adorable-bakery part, I probably would have gone. Instead, I got a great new job, and continued baking on the side. I did a few wedding cakes, including my own, but these days I usually just break it out for special occasions. Especially now that I’m not working and would love to helm my own creative business, I sometimes think about making a push for doing it more professionally. But there are two reasons why I probably never will: 1. It’s against the law in New York State to make custom cakes out of your home. Plenty of people do it, but I am a rules person and it seems very silly to build a business just flouting things like that. 2. The stress! Transporting wedding cakes is the most awful thing ever in the world. I mean, I used to get super stressed when the City of New York was sending out tens of thousands of admissions letters with my name on them, but wedding cake transportation is worse. If something goes wrong it is a disaster with no time to rally and recover. Ugh!

Besides, if I had to do it all the time, on deadline, it would be far less fun.

In the meantime, I mostly enjoy doing fun birthday cakes for my daughter…

Elsa, for her 4th:

The Isle of Te Fiti, from Moana, for her 5th:

Eschewing Disney and going for the polar bear theme for her 6th, which was held on a 6 degree day!

And I have a friend who has me do cakes for her three boys!

I’m adamantly opposed to fondant, except for in very small doses for decorating. Why would you ever want to eat that stuff when buttercream exists? I’ll never understand it…

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